Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My parents have bought my son a guitar.


What's all this extra weight?

I found this great article (maybe from Parents magazine maybe?) about what the extra weight actually is when you're getting ready to deliver:

Breast Tissue = 1-2 lbs
Baby = 6-8 lbs
Uterus = 2 lbs
Placenta = 1.5 lbs
Amniotic Fluid = 2 lbs
Blood Volume = 4 lbs
Stored Fat = 4 lbs
Fluid Retention = 4 lbs

Not one mention of Nutella or kettle cooked potato chips. See, I told you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Shower!

Oh! I cannot thank everyone enough for a fantastic, beautiful day! We ate delicious treats–that were very well thought out to balance our many dietary restrictions. The decorations were adorable and all bird themed to match our bird-y nursery. We got crafty making customized onesies and bibs for The Dude. I got to open a ton of amazing, fun, sweet gifts. I feel so loved and supported. Much love and appreciation to you all. Even the women celebrating from afar. Hugs and Grins.

Here are a few great photos from the day, more are on Karen's Real Exposure site.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[squash - week 31]

20 lbs. of Slow and Dumb

Yep. It's official, I've reached the 20 lb. mark. Feeling like I'm carrying a really heavy backpack on my front and I can't ever take it off. I am slowing and growing more tired. My legs and feet are confused and kind of pissed about the extra workload. Hoping they won't go on strike. Forgetting something upstairs now gives me significant pause, "How much to I REALLY need my wallet? Is it worth another trip upstairs?" Conveniently enough, I'm really forgetful. Like stupid forgetful. And scatterbrained, yet fiercely organized. It's a weird mix.

I have always had this mental image of my brain like a large empty airplane hangar full of 4-drawer file cabinets. That's where all my memories are stored. In the center there's a large table where things that are pending filing (my short term memory) or things that are pulled from the cabinets (What's the name of that movie with that dude with the hair?) are stacked temporarily. 

Pregnant brain feels like someone (ahem, baby...) has pulled out one of those retractable walls, like in my old gymnasium, and rendered half of the hangar inaccessible. There are things that I'm SURE I know or knew, but there's no way to reach them. Being pregnant is like being a little wasted and stupid. I'm just saying, this baby better be a genius for all the brain cells he's pillaged.

However, my hair is fantastic. My fingernails are perfect. I don't have giant stretch marks so far. I can sleep through the night even after getting up to pee twice. I'm not on bed rest. My husband is smart enough for both of us. I can eat just about anything and not feel guilty. Burger with guacamole and bacon? Yep. Side of onion rings? You bet. Lemonade? Of course. Is there any pie? This isn't so bad...

I'm having them. Braxton Hicks contractions that is. They're like "practice" contractions. Think of it like going on short training runs before a marathon. Periodically my belly seizes up like a rock. The whole uterus flexes for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It doesn't hurt for now. I'm told to keep track of them and make sure they don't get TOO rhythmic and close together or it's pre-term labor. More than 4 in an hour means I should call the doc to get checked out. 

So far I'm having about 10 per day. Sometimes 4 in a 1.5 hour time frame. So it's close! Just for the record, I'm guessing that "The Dude" might show squishy little face a bit early. We'll see, but I'm hoping against that. At least let us get past the 34 week mark to minimize any health issues... fingers and toes crossed for us please.

This is a fun blog with parent and kid re-posed photos.

This is another fun blog from the same source with more re-posed photos


Friday, September 17, 2010

Henna belly!

Darcy (hennalounge.com) painted this gorgeous bird and nest on my belly today. LOVE.

Monday, September 13, 2010

[squash - week 30]

Belly. Whoa.
Belly button report: 1/8" deep. Not an "outie" but it's pretty much flush.

[squash - week 29]

One Year Anniversary

Mike and I celebrated our first anniversary this weekend. Honoring it with a delicious picnic on the beach in Pacifica. We reflected on how fast the year has gone...a third wedding celebration in January up in Toronto...a short but life-creating* trip up to Calistoga's Indian Springs in February...tandem trips to Massachusetts and Toronto followed by a SF visit from Cynthemum in April...bumped baby bellies with Jess in May when she and Ari visited...Orange county wedding in June...Mike's Israel and McGill reunion trip to Montreal and Toronto in July...playing music and helping out for Jeff and Ashley's St. Paul wedding followed by Dan and Erin's Toronto wedding in August...seeing family, including my folks in Toronto...more and more baby preparations...

I love you more than ever sweetheart. Thanks for everything. I can't wait to meet our little boy, I hope he's just like you.

*You do the math. Wink.